Hogwarts Legacy: How does the Room of Requirement work?

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Since its announcement Hogwarts legacy, the game in the Harry Potter universe drives fans of the license completely crazy. It could well be the game that we have been waiting for for years and inevitably, a few weeks before its release, the expectation has never been greater. 

So, to make us wait, we are given a few snippets of what the game will be like. Yesterday we were talking about a new gameplay video. Well, today we're going to be looking at a game mechanic that was revealed more specifically, the Room of Requirement! 


How does the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement work? 

The first thing to note about this room of demand at Hogwarts Legacy is that it is a priori an area to which we will have quick access in our adventure. However, we will not be able to take advantage of its full potential right away. It is as we progress we will unlock more additions to this room. 

We can then customize it as we wish. If all the customizations have not yet been officially announced, we were still able to get some ideas by watching the various trailers and gameplay videos that were offered to us. We will be able to put furniture and statues a bit like decorating our house in a game like Animal Crossing

But this Room of Requirement will be more than that! It will be a real hub with great utility. We can for example improve your equipment if we are to believe what has been shown to us. But one of the features that has been making a lot of noise lately is the vivarium! 

It's a piece thatto work exactly like Norbert Dragonneau's suitcase. It is an object that will transport you to a new place or rather inside it. There you will have a real vivarium where you can take care of a whole bunch of magical beasts. The latter, if they are happy, can then reward you with various materials. Again, the piece will be fully customizable. In addition, it should also evolve as your adventures progress!

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