How is Chopping Fruit in Blox Fruits

The Picar fruit from Blox Fruits, is classified under the Paramecia category in the game of Roblox. You can achieve this for a cost of thirty thousand Beli or one hundred robux, through the fruit merchant Blox. You have to know that this fruit is also known as Bara Bara, which is its name in Japanese.

What is the Fruit Chop in Blox Fruits? Now, you will find everything you need to know.

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What is the Chop Fruit in Blox Fruits

What is the Fruit Chop in Blox Fruits

The Chop Fruit in Blox Fruits, introduced with update number one. This fruit has a thirty-five percent chance to appear in the inventory of the Blox Fruit Merchant. If you are looking to achieve the Chop in the game, there is a one percent chance that you will achieve it.

You can easily identify the Picar, since it has very particular peculiarities:

  • When consumed, it gives you the benefit of not taking any sword-type damage.
  • If you have Buso Haki unlocked, they will not take any damage from opponents wielding a sword.
  • It is an ideal fruit to grind, especially in the first levels of Blox Fruits

Advantages of the Blox Fruits Fruit Chop

  • Gives you immunity to sword attacks
  • Prevent opponents from dealing massive damage to you
  • It is cheap, therefore ideal for players who start in Blox Fruits
  • Allows you to combine the Sword/Weapon fighting technique, so you can defeat opponents easily and quickly
  • It is excellent to face those opponents who use swords
  • It is used to grind with NPCs that use swords
  • It is considered an epic sword for trolling
  • Grants the ability to perform C and X combos to confuse enemies
  • It is possible to combine it with weapons and thus achieve a deadly attack

Disadvantages of the Blox Fruits Fruit Chop

  • If the other players consume another type of fruit, it will leave you at a disadvantage
  • If you consume the Chop fruit, you will probably die if the opponent consumes another kind of fruit
  • It is the indicated fruit to do PvP
  • It has a very low range of action
  • Does not deal heavy damage to enemies
  • It is a bit complicated to get the update V2 and V3

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