How many Dragons are there in Dragon City?

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In "Dragon City"In our days there are a total of one thousand three hundred and eighty-five dragons of different types and elements, coming to have earth, fire, sea, natural, electric, ice, metal, dark, archangel, warlike and pure dragons, these being certain primordial of the so many, calling these already mentioned as basic or elemental dragons.

These are divided into categories which are double dragons, pure dragons, legendary dragons, unique event dragons, ancient dragons, among others. To achieve most of these dragons it is necessary to cross them between them or if not we can simply acquire one or multiple in the store of the same game. At the moment, no other way of achieving dragons has been discovered or added, but players continue to create to try to locate a way or a way to have these types of dragons in a considerably faster, easier and more efficient way for us.

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How many Dragons are there in Dragon City?

How many Dragons are there in Dragon City?

Respectively while they have been updating the game next to their servers, they have been adding different amounts of dragons with multiple abilities to in the same way improve the game experience and make it much more active and enjoyable for their players and they can enjoy a pleasant moment . Until now it is ignored and it is not possible to know if they are going to add more exotic dragon genres to Dragon City; since since September XNUMX no more of them have been incorporated, this being the last integration and addition of dragons to date.

Today there are still active players on the platform ready to achieve most or the maximum amount of these dragons, coming to be seen as a goal for them, it being possible to say that we are capable of reaching the point of hacking the game itself with the objective to achieve and achieve this goal to proclaim ourselves as the best players in Dragon City.

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