How Much Does Each Mythic Anime Fighters Cost

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The mythical in the Anime Fighters games in Roblox they are characters with a high level of powers, which greatly increase the chances of doing tons of damage; so ignoring the quest for as many mythics would reduce the effectiveness of your battle team.

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How Much Does Each Mythic Anime Fighters Cost

How Much Does Each Myth Cost in Roblox Anime Fighters

Obtaining the mythical ones may seem difficult, due to the time that must be invested to achieve them between each of the different islands that the game offers, being able to invest minutes, hours and even days; as well as, on the other hand, the high cost of each of the characters. To acquire these characters part of the time, the money must also be taken into consideration the stars that appear in the levels.

The cost of each mythical will increase according to the power levels that the character has and also on the island that you acquire it; The first islands offer the mythical ones at affordable costs, once you progress through the game and consequently the levels of the islands, the characters require a greater investment.

Value of each mythical of Anime Fighters Simulator

Next, the value of each mythic will be found in detail and on which map or island they can be achieved. Once you choose the island you must teleport to it and start the search there:

  • Piccolo: three hundred and twenty Million - you can get it on the first Noomek Island
  • Itachi: 1.500.000 Million - find him on the Secret Village island
  • Jotaro: one. five hundred million - this is on the island Bizarre Town
  • Mihawk: 60.000.000 Million- get it on Orange Line
  • All Might: 350.000.000 Millions- we can place it on the Hero Academy map
  • Levi: 1.750.000.000 Trillion - on the next island Walled City
  • Rengoku: 6.400.000.000 Trillion- this one is on the Slayer Corps island
  • White Reaper: two,000.000.000 Billion – place it in Ghoul City
  • Net: ninety. zero.000.000 Trillion- get it on the next island Chimera Island
  • Clifford: 400.000.000.000 Trillion - will appear in Virtual Castle
  • Coyote: 1.650.000.000.000 Trillion- we will make it in Empty World a costly mythic
  • Gojo: 6.500.000.000.000 Trillion
  • Saitama: one, Trillion
  • Meliodas: Trillion
  • Gilgamesh: Trillion

Anime Fighters is based around the collection of characters, one of the biggest challenges offered by the game is to achieve throughout the experience on each and every planet, the mythical fighters. These are some of the strangest characters that can be found on the islands and at the same time one of the most powerful with whom you can fight; while allowing their damage levels to thrive.

When you have a mythical character, he is part of the team and he will always be attacking the opponents that are in the way with the abilities he has.

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