How the Bank Works in Pet Simulator X

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A nice feature that Pet Simulator X has Roblox, is the bank where players can deposit their coins, diamonds and even pets to keep them safe. If the player keeps the coins or diamonds in the bank he will receive interest depending on the amount he deposited.

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How the Bank Runs in Pet Simulator X

How the bank works in Pet Simulator X Roblox

A good option that players have in Pet Simulator X, in the entity where they can store their diamonds and coins, and they will receive interest in exchange depending on the amount and time they last in the bank.

Bank location in Pet Simulator X:

  • The first and most frequented location is in the Spawn World area, the bank can be found between the eggs and the Golden Pets machine.
  • The other area where we can place the bank is on the fantasy planet, it is located quite close to the machine that works as a pet pick-up.
  • The third area where the bank is located is on the Planet of Technology.

If you attend the bank in any of the aforementioned areas, we can enter the premises through the circle that surrounds it. We just have to stand in the circle to enter the bank.

Once we are in the bank we must open an account to store our diamonds and coins. The account has a cost of 7 million five hundred thousand diamonds. When you acquire the account, you will be assigned a shelf in the bank to store our properties. We can update this shelf to increase your storage space.

Pet Simulator X Bank Shelves Feature

The shelves are assigned to the player once he acquires an account in the bank. The shelves have levels that are the capacity they have to store coins, diamonds or pets.

The first level of the shelves have little space and consequently will produce little interest. To level up the shelves we must invest diamonds or Robux and in this way we will expand their storage capacity and produce a greater amount of interest.

Bank shelf levels in Pet Simulator X:

  • Level one shelf can be deposited up to forty pets and fifty million diamonds.
  • Level two shelf will have space to deposit up to 95 pets and two hundred 25 million diamonds.
  • Level 3 Shelf: It has the capacity to shelter up to two hundred pets and a billion diamonds.
  • Level 4 Shelf – Has the capacity to hold five hundred pets and 5 billion diamonds.
  • Level 5 Shelf: It has the capacity to store nine hundred and fifty pets and twenty billion diamonds.
  • Level 6 Shelf: It has the capacity to shelter one thousand four hundred pets and eighty billion diamonds.
  • Level 7 Shelf: We can deposit two thousand five hundred pets and two hundred fifty billion diamonds.

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