How to Achieve the White Beard Layer Blox Fruits

How to Achieve the White Beard Layer Blox Fruits

How to achieve Whitebeard's cape in Blox Fruits? By getting Whitebeard's cloak in Blox Fruits, you will get incredible benefits. For example, you will be able to increase your energy level. In addition to this it will also increase the damage dealt to your opponents in each and every close combat by up to one percent. Cheer up! Search and how to achieve Whitebeard's cape in Blox Fruits by Roblox.

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How to Achieve the White Beard Cloak Blox Fruits

How to achieve Whitebeard Blox Fruits cape

If you choose the option to play Blox Fruits as a pirate, Whitebeard's cape is easily distinguished by his red Whitebeard logo. But if you choose to play as a Marine, the cape will be distinguished by a navy blue logo.

Players in the ability to achieve the Whitebeard Blox Fruits cape will get exceptional benefits. From increasing energy by two hundred EXP to generating one percent energy in close combat with opponents.

To get the Whitebeard Blox Fruits cape, you need to defeat the Vice Admiral, who is a boss NPC and has his level at one hundred and thirty. He has exceptional defense skills. He uses the Triple Katana sword to aid in a set of air slashing skills, but the sword is his greatest strength. It can be said that the chances of ending the vice admiral are quite low. If you manage to annihilate the NPC, it regenerates in about seven minutes.

To get to the boss NPC, you can do it in Marineford, particularly in the construction of the primordial tower in the center of the city.

Advantages of the Whitebeard coat

  • Increased player energy levels by up to two hundred percent
  • Whitebeard's cape can be used in lower levels of Blox Fruits.
  • It allows you to place the Vice Admiral in an easy way, you just have to be provided with a great power source to face him
  • When facing your opponents, you increase the damage produced by one percent. This damage is only dealt in close combat.
  • Whitebeard's cape increases energy over your avatar's health
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