How to Acquire Airplanes in Vehicle Legends

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Roblox always and in all circumstances it stands out for being a game that has different game modes, or different mini-games to select from. One of them is Vehicle Legends, in this fantastic simulation game where we must compete with fast cars in order to win great rewards and be the best contenders on the streets of Vehicle Legends, it is not only vehicles that we can acquire, we can also drive airplanes. Read the article to the end to find out how to acquire these excellent air cars.

How to Acquire Airplanes in Vehicle Legends

How to acquire airplanes in Vehicle Legends Roblox

Buying these cars can be used to transport us throughout the island and the entire Vehicle Legend server, but they will not help us to race on the servers, since competing with this class of vehicle is not tolerated. Now, you must follow the next steps that we are going to show you in order to acquire the airplanes or helicopters of your choice:

  1. The first thing we must do is drive to the other end of the map, where the beach is reached and go from end to end to find the building for the sale of airplanes and helicopters.
  2. Once we carry out the preceding step, we will find the construction mentioned above.
  3. We must park our car on the outside of the building.
  4. Enter the store through the door.
  5. Once at the store, you will be automatically teleported to the aviation catalog, where you will be able to select the airplane or helicopter of your choice.

Some of the names of these incredible airplanes and helicopters are:

  • Jumper X,
  • Jumper Stun Plate,
  • Tocsin three hundred eight and the
  • Zeitaku Sprinter Jet, among many others

These airplanes and helicopters change in cost and quality factors. Obviously, the most expensive are the fastest and most manageable, thus showing us a plurality of choices from which to select, more expensive or cheaper. We can highlight that, although the list is not that long, it does have a good number of cars to select from.

The costs of these cars change, but they are in a range of cost from one hundred credits, a figure that is paid for the most affordable plane, up to one,250.000 credits, this being the highest amount of cost of the most expensive plane on the map .

Since the values 鈥嬧媜f airplanes and helicopters are extremely large, you may have a hard time achieving them by doing street races or farming money around the map. So it is convenient that, if you are going to farm credits, you buy a Vehicle Legends server for yourself, since now they are completely free, and you can go to the water of the beach and drive freely in that place. That way you will be able to farm a lot of money without much effort.

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