How to Acquire Diamonds on Hay Day with a Debit Card

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There Day It is a game in which you will be able manage a farm at your discretion, using tasks such as raising different kinds of animals, growing plants, creating new buildings and many other activities that will let you grow little by little as a farm, so it is a good opportunity to have fun with a farm simulator while you advance in this Great game.

It is true that there are tools to facilitate certain tasks that you must complete in There Day, and it is also necessary buy certain sites or buildings, therefore, to speed up the process of exactly the same you have the possibility to exchange or acquire certain coins, tokens, boosters and especially diamonds, which you can use at any time without limit. For this reason, we have brought you this guide on cHow to buy diamonds on Hay Day with a debit card.

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How to Acquire Diamonds on Hay Day with a Debit Card

How to Acquire Diamonds on Hay Day with a Debit Card

Although, Hay Day is a free to play game, on certain occasions it is essential to use more diamonds if we want to speed up the process for certain constructions or missions, for this we need a debit or credit card to purchase any number of diamonds in the game.

  1. Google Play: This is pretty much the only way to buy diamonds directly on There Day, and it is very simple, since you only have to do click on "acquire more diamonds", thereafter You will choose the desired amount and an automatic alternative will appear to enter the data of your debit card, if you want to facilitate this process you can leave the data on Google Play for the next time you buy diamonds.
  2. Types of card that are received: In this section, it must be taken into account that not each and every one of the existing cards, both debit and credit, are received, so be very careful when entering your data and selecting the amount of diamonds, The cards that are valid for the game are: MasterCard, Visa and Amex so far (depending on your area or country for the cards that are found)

Even when we can perfectly play without acquiring anything auxiliary, always and at all times acquiring some amount of diamonds, coins, or something else, it will greatly facilitate your progress in the game, since you will save all the time you could take you achieve the coins or diamonds for free.

After having seen the different payment methods and knowing that the only way to pay so far is directly through the app There Day with Google Play. There is also another very simple way in the case of not having a debit card, and that is credit card purchases, which we are going to talk about in a future guide.

This is all we can tell you about how to get diamonds on hay day with debit card. We invite you to review each and every one of our hay day guides and about many other games that we have published on our website.

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