How to Acquire Fish on Hay Day

There Day is a mobile game released in the year two thousand and twelve by the company super cell, a company that has been noted for improving in the world of games for video consoles in a short time and positioning itself as one of the best today. In this game you will be able create a farm from scratch, completing different tasks such as raising animals, growing plants and building buildings to generate while having fun in Hay Day

En Hay Day you can sell and buy animals, one of these is fish, an activity that you can have on your farm from level 27. Many users at the beginning if they ask if the fish can be acquired or if they must be achieved by their own means, but to make it easier, we have brought you a guide to how to buy fish There Day.

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How to Acquire Fish on Hay Day

How to Acquire Fish on Hay Day

All animals are essential but the fish in There Day It is essential for all the advantages it will bring you, helping you to improve faster in the game with the activities that you will unlock after getting your first fish. Now we will share certain options to achieve fish with which you will be able to find different types of baits and fish little by little until achieving more unique or strange fish.

  1. Points of sale: The fish really must achieve it in the fishing lake, which is a kind of compilation that you can get according to the fishing book. For this, it is essential to acquire baits, these will let you fish any kind of fish with unique baits for special fish; the more fish you get in your fishing book, the more rewards you will get, which will make you improve.
  2. fish bucket: Carrot and fish are used for the fish cube, in such a case, it is different from fish because you will only be able to sell and acquire it. The fish bucket is especially useful for arctic foxes and you can buy it at the stall, it also serves to get its ingredients by making them in the grinder in order to get more experience points.

As we have told you, fish cannot be boughtOtherwise, you must achieve it by your own means, applying the knowledge and advice that we have discussed today and with which you will probably be able to get fish on hay day to start raising them and carry out free activities with the fish.

This is all you need to know about how to get fish on hay day o how to get fish on hay day. If you liked this article, we recommend you review each and every one of our gYou read about Hay Day and about many other mobile games that we have published on our website.

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