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There Day is a game for Android and IOS mobile devices created in the year XNUMX by the video game console developer company Supercell and that today is one of the games with more downloads in the Play Store. This game consist in manage a farm completing a series of tasks as requested by certain characters that will appear throughout the game and performing other tasks such as harvesting, planting, building, acquiring objects and raising multiple kinds of animals.

En There Day you will be able buy different animals and objects that will let you build a better farm, you will also be able to fill many activities that you need to do with them, but you must take into consideration that sometimes to speed up the process it is necessary to acquire certain objects and one of these is the saw, because it cannot be made or built, so you must procure it as an order or acquire it, so today we have brought you one guide of how to buy saw There Day.

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How to Acquire Sierra on Hay Day

How to Acquire Sierra on Hay Day

It is really possible that you may have different occasions to locate the saw, even though this you can achieve it through certain quests like harvesting, achieving items, raising animals, and other activities; but if you have not yet achieved it and you need it, we will share different options so that you can get saws on hay day:

  1. Tom: East he is an essential character, although he is not a player with whom we can interact as friends or neighbors, it is possible to acquire certain products that he wishes to sell to us. We can also ask for your help so that you get a saw, which will make the job of looking for a saw much easier, but in addition to this, Tom can not only achieve saws, but rather most of the products that we need.
  2. randomly: This is the free way and the least likely or most difficult, since to get the saw with this is quite difficult, since it only appears from time to time and it is quite difficult to know precisely when a saw will appear as a reward. If you urgently need a saw or something, we invite you to assist Tom or find another way to get it.
  3. Diamonds: This is the most expensive way to achieve the saw, since on many occasions you have to acquire diamonds and that means that there will be an expense of real money. If we want to acquire a saw, we only have to exchange it for a number of diamonds (five) in Greg's store, another character with whom we do not interact directly

The saw is going to be a really useful factor in your adventures of There Day and will let you complete a series of tasks that might have taken too long before. The easiest way to get the saw is through characters like Tom and Greg.

This is all you need to know about how to get saw on hay day. If you liked this note, we recommend you read all the others hay day guides that we have free for you on our page and that you can review at any time.

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