How to Acquire Wheat on Hay Day

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There Day It is a multiplayer game in which we are going to be able to build our farm and manage it from the beginning having the opportunity to grow plants, create buildings, raise animals, collect items, make any changes and other things that you can get in it. It was created by the developer industry super cell, which was also in charge of creating games for video consoles such as Clash Royale y Brawl Stars and nowadays it is one of the most downloaded mobile games.

En There Day you can acquire, achieve and plant different plants, flowers and other edibles that are simple to grow; however, there are many crops that you can harvest to get more coins and EXP, making it easier to level up. One of these objects or plants that you can achieve successively is the wheat, and it is the first crop that you will be able to acquire to prosper your farm.

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How to Acquire Wheat on Hay Day

How to Acquire Wheat on Hay Day

As we have mentioned, you will be able to grow wheat from the beginning of your adventure in There Day, but to make everything easier for you, we have brought you this guide on how to buy wheat on Hay Day so that you can get the most out of it and you can advance more quickly. These are the ways of buy wheat on hay day what you can try:

  1. Cultivation: The simplest way to get wheat to harvest is on the farm itself. It is enough that you simply drag the wheat icon on your crop to be able to get even more wheat with the goal of being able to feed animals, sell it for EXP or coins.
  2. Greg's Store: In this store you will be able to locate many crops that you require to thrive on your farm and be able to stock up on everything you need. Greg's store is a good place to buy wheat; however, this store is only available from a more advanced level.
  3. Advertisements: In hay day newspaper there are some ads that will let you see different products to purchase at a certain cost. Journaling is a way to purchase wheat from other players directly through their stalls.

Now you know it is not at all complex to buy or sell wheat, you must take advantage of this element to be able to fulfill many of the tasks established in the game or to make considerably more elaborate edibles that require a good amount of wheat. So it is essential always and in all circumstances to stock up on wheat for any situation, competition or event that occurs in There Day.

These are the ways how to buy wheat on hay day that we know If you liked this guide There Day, we invite you to read all our content and the rest of the guides that we have published for you.

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