How to Activate Susano in Shindo Life

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How to activate susano in Shindo Life? A good way to take advantage of the benefits and gain power in the game of Roblox. A susano is not only a warrior but rather is "Your warrior" because you customize it to your liking with different techniques, and logically it has certain weaknesses.

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How to Activate Susano in Shindo Life

How to activate susano in Shindo Life?

To understand a bit about how to activate susano in Shindo Life, you must start by learning how to use it. On Naruto's planet it is a DNA anomaly and as such you must admit it.

These susans can only be acquired by tapping the Kekkei Genkai. In addition, we notify you of other ways to achieve it, these are:

  • Sasuke e Itachi: solo se consigue por un pase de juego de Kekkei Gekai
  • Madura, Kakashi and Shisui: by different players and with rare elements

If you want to get a Susano, turn the wheel in the customization menu, there you will find out if you have it or not and which Susano it is. You can be lucky to have a splendid susano and another not so.

If you want to activate any of the Susanos you must have a couple of extra abilities: corapin and an akuma eye. In addition to this, you have to:

  • Be at least level fifty to unlock. Once you get there you must look for the "C" key and hold it down as long as possible, this will help you recharge and start using it.

Each Susano is active for a period of three minutes and once you have them you can use it as you like. Do not forget that activating it increases your abilities and directly influences your chakra.

If you already have a Susano then use it and good luck.

What techniques do the Susanos use?

Each Susano has its own advantages and techniques, these are:

  • Kakashi has automatic chakra damage and regeneration. This uses the Kamui Shuriken technique. This susano projects large objects, and robustly throws them around. In addition to this they can disfigure things and cut them easily
  • Itachi: Use a couple of techniques: grab the speculum and attack from above. If you want it to be unlocked, you only have to reach level two thousand.
  • Madara: This can be had by any player without a game pass.
  • Totsuka Blade: always and at all times manages to escape from the opponent's attack.
  • Sasuke: Activated by pressing the "E" key. His technique includes punches, blocks and a lot of attack.
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