How to Add Friends in Dragon City

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We can add our friends in 芦Dragon City禄 in different ways, but for this it is necessary to have him added as a friend on Facebook, if we do not use Facebook and we have our account linked to another platform (example: Google) there will be no way to incorporate them.

We go to Facebook and send the friend request to the person with whom we are going to play, if he has his private account it should be admitted, otherwise we just have to tell our friend that he should follow us on Facebook in the same way.

How to Add Friends in Dragon City

How to Add Friends in Dragon City

The fastest way to add our friend in the game (previously entered in this) is by clicking on the menu icon that we see in the lower left corner, then pressing on the social option and we will see the list of social functions, we touch on invite next to the section to send a gift, we choose who or who will receive the request and send, once this is done we must immediately tell our friends to accept the friend request since after a period of time it will expire and we will have to repeat exactly the same procedure until the moment you admit it.

There are other equally easy ways to add our friends and they are: the Tasca where they give us the option of making a friend and the market where we can recruit them, in such a case the friends we recruit must be the first time they play 芦Dragon City禄 Because if they have played the exact same games long before, it will indicate it to us and we will not be able to add them.

It is essential to know that the more friends we invite and add, the more rewards we will get since we are uniting considerably more people to the community and the game. In an alternative case, if the person we invite has the game hacked, it will automatically fail and SocialPoint will take care of inspecting the two user accounts. Dragon City and deregister accounts that have files and things not obtained legally. 

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