How to Advance Faster in My Café

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Today, my coffee Recipes And Stores is one of the platforms with the best simulation to create your restaurant/cafeteria, in which you will be able to make your virtual business start to grow from scratch. Many users in the community have wondered how they can do better one way or another on this platform. For this reason, in this article we are going to explain in detail how to advance faster in My Café Recipes and Stories.

One of the most essential factors in the game is to manage your rubies really well, essentially diamonds that are the exclusive currency of the game, and we can achieve them in the perfect story mode by completing the missions or investing real money on the official pages of Melsoft Games, performing a ruby ​​recharge. Apart from this, the administrative part is the biggest focus that we are going to have in the game, keeping our accounts and summary in order will allow us to improve the cafeteria.  

How to Advance Faster in My Café

How to Advance Faster in My Café

You must take into account that your staff will help you to speed up the work in your cafeteria, the workers are an essential part so that you can move faster, with this you will achieve money considerably faster and you will have satisfied customers of the service, since all They will be taken care of quickly. You can raise skills of your characters according to how they perform in your cafeteria, we invite you to give a huge focus to your baristas. 

You can click on the frames to prepare the drinks, with them you will be able to speed up the work of your employees and advance faster in your business. In addition to this, in the kitchen you can intermix multiple ingredients that you have free to achieve more recipes. At the time that you are in unique events such as festivals and parties near your establishment, increase your costs significantly in the desserts and meals that are most in demand in your place. 

Stay in touch with your service customers, meet their requirements and move forward fast! My Cafe!

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