How to Assist Neighbors on Hay Day

There Day is a mobile game that belongs to supercell, the company that created games like Clash Royale or Brawl Stars, and this game is not far behind, since it has become so popular to the point of being one of the best games according to Google. In this multiplayer game you will be able to have fun to the limit simulating the administration of a farm with jobs such as: Raise animals, grow plants, buy groceries and increase buildings on our farm.

En There Day what we must do is learn a little more about our jobs and missions, therefore, to thrive on our farm and assist other players on this mobile platform it is essential to know how to connect with other players and progress our farm thanks to them. So if this is interesting for you, stay to learn more about how to assist neighbors in Hay Day

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How to Assist Neighbors on Hay Day

How to Assist Neighbors on Hay Day

The name given to the other players in Hay Day is “neighbors”. The Book of Friends allows you to find different players with a level similar to yours, who connect through Fb and know you, or simply appear randomly, so you can see how many friends you have to attend or to be assisted, so , these are the different ways to assist your friends:

  1. Boats: Although this alternative is unlocked at a higher level, it is really useful to sell different products and groceries, with the purpose of earning rewards according to the amount of things that the ship requests at the dock, with this the neighbors can request help as needed. that they require, although the boxes or orders are filled, the neighbors can occupy only one box for the ships.
  2. Derby: This type of help is more advanced, since it is a competence which is given for 6 days in which the help of the whole neighborhood is necessary (neighborhood club) to participate in different leagues that are presented according to the tasks that are indicated as: Collect products, complete orders, feed animals depending on the kind of work that is needed according to the Derby.
  3. Change products: This form may not be a direct aid, but this kind of change allows the neighborhood to barter products that we probably do not have on the farm at the moment, favoring both our farm and a neighbor's farm.

These helps are usually common to get rewards, tasks, missions and benefits in the game, for this reason, it is a huge advantage to make a part of a neighborhood and gain trust for our neighbors, so our farm will grow little by little to have access to more missions and buildings in the game.

This is all you can know about how to assist neighbors on Hay Day in a very simple and fast way. If you liked these tips, we recommend you check each and every one of our guides of There Day that we have just for you on our website.

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