How to Assist Other Players on Hay Day

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There Day It is a farm simulator where we are going to be able to manage our farm carrying out the constructions that we create pertinent and fulfilling a series of tasks such as cultivating, harvesting, raising animals, fishing and many other activities that must be done on a farm. It is a huge game that has been on the market for more than a year and has millions of users all over the planet, so probably a friend or acquaintance also plays There Day and you can play with him or .

This game can be played alone but you will also be able to add your friends to visit their farms, assist them with their work and chat with them for a while while they share a game of Hay Day If you find it interesting to know more about how to assist other players in Hay Day do not stop reading this article that we have prepared for you so that you can help people in There Day and in this way you can advance faster and the most essential, progress your interactions with other players in Hay Day.

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How to Assist Other Players on Hay Day

How to Assist Other Players on Hay Day

Requests for help can be achieved in signs with exclamation marks (! ) or also consulting the Daily Dirt newspaper where you will be able to see different help requested by people in the game. The truth is that there are different ways to assist players in Hay Day that you should know and here we are going to explain them one by one so that you can start from now on help your friends on Hay Day.

  1. To assist another player with his ship: You will be able to see these orders with a yellow exclamation mark that will be floating near the ship and in order to access or fill it you must touch the empty box and the order will be completed. Cramming the box will give you experience points and a certain amount of coins.
  2. To assist another player with their trees or bushes: We are going to be able to locate these tasks by observing trees and shrubs that are withered or worn, in them you will be able to see a sign with an exclamation mark and only touching the plant you will have cooperated with your friend or with the other player or complete their task.
  3. The help posters in the Daily Dirt newspaper: These orders are free for everyone and will appear at the top left of each farmer's profile picture.

Players will be able to send you thank you messages, but the most essential thing is that you can assist as many players as possible, since remember that then they will also help you to complete your tasks, so it would be great if you become renowned in the community by attending the rest .

That's all you need to know about how to assist other players on Hay Day. If you liked this note, remember that you can take a look at all the others hay day guides and many other games that we have published on our website.

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