How to Attract Frogs on Hay Day

There Day is a farmer-style game for mobile devices in which we can experience managing a farm in real timedoing different jobs like raise animals, build buildings and houses, get tools and resources, among many other things. There Day It is a game that has been on the market for more than a year and has over a hundred million downloads on the Play Store, making it one of the most downloaded games of all time.

on hay day we will be able to see different ornamental animals such as foxes, rabbits, butterflies, frogs, and many other speciesNow, the animals each have their function, although some only add life to your farm since these animals are in constant movement. if you want to know how to attract frogs on hay day, keep reading this note where we are going to explain everything you need to know in this regard about that.

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How to Attract Frogs on Hay Day

How to Attract Frogs on Hay Day

The frogs on Hay Day They do not have a fundamental function in the game and are only used to give life or movement to the farm. Frogs are an essential part of nature and for this reason they are going to look really good on your farm with the rest of the animals you have there, since a farm with few animals is not going to look really good.

A fundamental construction to be able to attract frogs on Hay Day is undoubtedly the lake, and we can do it in the store in exchange for a certain amount of coins so that our farm can shelter many frogs.

For, attract frogs on Hay Day  we will also have to build multiple ponds in the farm. Once you've put the pond you must touch the pond several times until the frogs start to appear, and then if you want them to continue on the farm you just have to move the pond to another place so that the frogs have nowhere to return to hide.

You will be able to acquire the pond in the store in the "nature" section in exchange for a certain amount of coins, In addition to this, there is a small pond and a large pond, the difference between the two being the number of frogs it can hide inside. It is essential that the frogs have space to move, so if your farm has too many buildings and things, it is best that you enable a good space so that the frogs can move.

Scare frogs on Hay Day

It is possible that have many frogs in your farm on Hay Day and for this reason you need to drive them away or distance them a bit. To do that you only have to touch on the frogs or build more ponds so that they hide there.

This is all you need to know about how to attract frogs on Hay Day. If you liked this article, remember that you can review all the other Hay Day guides that we have free for you on our website.

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