How to Awaken Light Blox Fruits

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How to wake up Light Blox Fruits? Light is a fruit that belongs to the Logia classification, and it has a cost of six hundred and fifty Beli. But you can also get it for free by searching under the trees that you find on each and every one of the Blox Fruits islands in Roblox.

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How to wake up Light Blox Fruits

How to wake up Light Blox Fruits

If you want to wake up Light Blox Fruits, you must follow the next instructions:

  • The main thing is to beat Light Raid in Blox Fruits
  • Then you must teleport to a different area than where you were
  • When you are already in a new area, you must interact with the first enigmatic person you find
  • This character will ask you for the precise fragments to be able to unlock any talent
  • You must repeat these steps multiple times, until the moment you manage to wake up Light from Blox Fruits

For Light to be one hundred percent you will have to have one,500 Robux.

Characteristics of Light from Blox Fruits

  • When you wake up Light at XNUMX%, you will be able to fly at high speeds.
  • When flying at high speeds, power consumption is usually low
  • The player will get a sword of light, ideal for attacking opponents in M1

Advantages of Light in Blox Fruits

  • Deals significant damage to your enemies
  • Light's effect is long-range, excellent for finishing off all your enemies.
  • It is considered the fastest fruit
  • It forms a part of the Lodge category, and like Magma, is ideal for grinding
  • Can be combined between Light Sword
  • The damage it generates is based on AOE
  • This fruit is recommended for PvP, for this you must combine it with the aiming skills
  • If you have a sword classified as light, you will have the ability to raid the factory

Disadvantages of Light in Blox Fruits

  • When the Light is in V1, it does not have the ability to stun
  • The Light fruit requires the player to have great aim.
  • It is impossible to attack opponents who are in the air with the Light

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