How to Awaken Reserve Animals on Hay Day

There Day is a farm and strategy simulation platform for mobile phones in which we will be able to learn about each and every one of the activities carried out on a farm, such as carrying out different commercial activities such as selling and acquiring products, participating in unique events, learning about farms from other players and much more.

As we said, There Day has certain activities that will let you advance in the game for video consoles such as grow plants, create new constructions or buildings, take part in certain events to compete and win many rewards. All this makes certain objects or tools easier for players, so for this reason, we have decided to bring you this guide on how to wake up animals in the reserve There Day with which you will be able to interact with your animals.

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How to Wake Up Reserve Animals on Hay Day

How to Wake Up Reserve Animals on Hay Day

The animals of the reserve they are somewhat difficult to achieve, since you are going to have to fill the puzzle of each one of them to be able to unlock them and add them to your farm, and although it seems that they only work as a kind of decoration, the truth is that if we interact with these we could perceive multiple rewards. To help you achieve this we are going to tell you precisely how to wake up animals on hay day:

The only way to wake up the animals in the reserve is by touching them, a very simple action that will not cost us anything, on the contrary, it will give us a good amount of EXP points and for this reason we invite you to do it as often as you can in order to achieve many animals from the reserve. We literally only need to click on the animal that we want to wake up and exactly the same one will wake up immediately, in turn they will give us random rewards for this reason.

Where to get animals from the reserve?

The puzzles of the animals of the reserve you will be able to achieve it in mystery boxes, mystery packages, events, certain stores and in the mail, so you must be on the lookout for each and every one of this to be able at some point to collect each and every one of the pieces of an animal and thus be able to have it on your farm.

As we finished reading, this task is quite simple to complete since we only have to have from the reserve and enough animals from the reserve in order to get benefits based on the level we are at, so the rewards are going to be better for each player who has a reservation at a higher level.

We hope you liked this guide on how to wake up reserve animals on hay day. Do not forget to share this note with your friends and that you can check each and every one of the hay guides Day and many other games that we have published in this website for you.

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