How to Ban on Roblox

We know everything about Roblox and, in particular, we are going to address one of the topics of common interest that refers to how to ban in Roblox. In this sense, the most consistent thing is to know something (a lot or a little) about the meaning of banning, in order to then fully enter into the matter.

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How to Ban on Roblox

What is banning in Roblox?

Banning on roblox or any other gaming platform is simply "blocking". In other words, the word “ban” corresponds to a word typical of the computer jargon of gamer developers who seek to prohibit a particular action.

A little bit of everything about banning in roblox

We are going to start explaining this “how to ban with roblox” topic on the right foot. Well, we have not yet identified any user in Roblox who wants a punishment, that is, who seeks a suspension or ban for his account. In this sense, we intend -as always and at all times- to inform and not misinform!

Therefore, you must understand that the way to get a ban, punishment or prohibition in Roblox is by violating any of its policies, terms or conditions. In such a way that the most reasonable thing is that you never commit any kind of action that leads to your Roblox account being banned.

How to ban my ex on Roblox

Now, if what you want is to ban your ex boyfriend for the fact that he harassed you or humiliated you on the platform, you just have to report it. Well, these two acts are rejected by the Roblox moderators and are part of the reasons why they can get to ban your ex-boyfriend in Roblox.

At the same time, you can also request a permanent type ban for that user who insults you or tries to manipulate you to scam you on Roblox. In other words, this type of act in Roblox, apart from being seriously punished, produces the disappearance of each and every one of the Robux accumulated in the attacker's account.

In this sense, avoid at all costs the banning of your account or worse still, the display of the well-known sentence on the screen: “You were disconnected due to infraction/violation”.

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