How to Be a Millionaire in MeepCity

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In this new installment we are going to teach you how to be millionaires in MeepCity en Roblox, in a fast and easy way. With each and every one of the coins we have we can remodel our house, unlock items in the store for our avatar by buying the PLUS membership, adopt a pet and much more.

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How to Be a Millionaire in MeepCity

How to be a millionaire in MeepCity Roblox

If you want to get lots of money in MeepCity, there are many cheerful and entertaining options in the game to have a good time and earn a good amount of coins. Now, we are going to show you multiple options to be a millionaire in MeepCity.

Grow Plants in MeepCity

At the beginning of the game, each and every one of the players is assigned a house, which carries a series of pots around it. In these pots we can grow the plants by clicking on them so that the menu of the different free plants is displayed.

When it comes to growing the plants, we must take care of them and wait a period of 5 hours so that we can collect the plant. Once we have the plant we can sell it to any player who is interested in it; so we are going to get a good amount of coins.

spend time in the game

When you start a session in MeepCity, and enjoy its activities, such as sharing with the rest of the players in the square or a celebration, the gaming platform every certain period will assign us an amount of money just for playing in MeepCity.

sphere race

The sphere race or Star Ball as it is also known in MeepCity is a race that will allow you to win many coins and have a good time. To start a race we must place the Star Ball icon in the MeepCity square and click copper .

Immediately a series of options will be displayed to configure the race. We choose the map we want to play and ready press Play. The race is quite similar to Mario Kart. Where we can choose certain tricks on the track by crashing into the boxes that have the question mark.

At the same time we must collect the 3 stars that are scattered throughout the race map. We must finish the race in the shortest time possible to qualify for the jackpot.

MeepCity Mini Games

All the mini games that are in MeepCity will provide us with money in large amounts, and thus be a millionaire. In MeepCity money or coins are not the main thing, but always and at all times it is necessary to get free improvements. And in this way get the attention of the rest of the players.

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