How to Be a Slender in MeepCity

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A Slender is a figure that everyone tends to imitate in the game of MeepCity en Roblox, and his main peculiarities are: Black hair, which includes spikes in his hairstyle, the entire costume is black (shirt and pants) and the character uses multiple Korblox items.

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How to Be a Slender in MeepCity

How to be a Slender in MeepCity Roblox

The fashion in MeepCity is to transform the character into a Slender. Since most of the players make a comparison with the science fiction character Slender Man; this because it has multiple peculiarities of this character. To be a Slender you just have to follow the steps that we now mention:

  1. On the main screen of the MeepCity game we will click on the avatar section that is located at the top of the screen.
  2. 3 options will be displayed: Games, My Toys, Avatar Editor. Let's choose the last Avatar Editor option.
  3. Next, a menu containing 4 options will be displayed: Accessories, Body, Animations and Costumes.
  4. We select the body option, a screen will be displayed with the option to alter our avatar in parts or completely.
  5. We click on the Bundles option to alter the entire avatar. In the different options we are going to choose a slim body that has a notable size, since Slender Man is a bit tall.
  6. We return to the body menu and this time we choose the right leg of the avatar figure.
  7. From the different options we are going to choose the thin green leg. We carry out exactly the same operation with the left leg of our avatar so that it is not uneven.
  8. We go back to the main menu, and click on the Accessories option.
  9. In the upper menu we choose the option of shirts, and in the search box we put black. To choose the black shirt of our preference. Exactly the same procedure for the pants.
  10. We select the lenses section, and we are going to choose the black frame lenses and white crystals.
  11. Now we click on the hair section, where we are going to choose an overflowing hair that contains multiple spikes.

We can add multiple items to the character to our liking, such as necklaces, some hair accessory, we can change the shirt for one that brings some small ornament and that is white.

In this way we will have the appearance of Slender Man, and in the MeepCity game he is a character that has many fans and most of them dress the same as .

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