How to Be Premium in Brookhaven Roblox Free

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If you are a Roblox player, you will know that there is a premium version that, in the same way as each and every one, will bring you other benefits. However, as you will understand, it is not free of charge and consequently not everyone has access to it. In this Web, thinking of the people who are left out of this service, we dedicate ourselves to doing an investigation. We have good news for you! Today we are going to teach you how to be premium at brookhaven Roblox free.

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How to Be Premium in Brookhaven Roblox Free

How to be premium in Brookhaven Roblox for free?

Searching for information we find multiple ways to be premium at no cost, and not illegally. Conversely, this strategy has been used by many players and the platform does not take it as a theft. At the moment, no inconveniences or people who have been penalized have been reported.

That said, let's point out what to do:

  • If you want to purchase the premium version at Brookhaven for free you must log out completely and then log back in.
  • You're going to go to the place where you choose the cars, just like how if you were to make a purchase.
  • Now, you move around the screen and stand on the right side. Click on the “scooter".
  • Immediately, you will focus on the shopping cart and choose the option with “the blue star”, check the premium and you slide to click on the tourism icon.
  • The message that the platform sends you is for you to pay Robux, obviously you are not going to complete the acquisition. So you're going to click on “cancel".

We do not know the reason, nor for the fact that this happens but after you execute this action and leave your account peaceful for at least more than two hours when you return you will be premium "free".

Can I be premium in Brookhaven Roblox for free always and at all times?

Actually, we don't have an answer to this question. But, what we can tell you is that time marches, we have not verified it. Although there are players in different discussion forums who claim that it lasts very little.

If you want to be premium in Roblox for as long as you want, it is best to play it safe, collect the Robux and acquire your membership.

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