How To Be Taken in MeepCity

Do you want to excel in the game of MeepCity en Roblox to draw the attention of each and every player? You can get it by customizing your avatar with a quite original style. This style can be transforming you into a baby, and to achieve this, you will not need Robux or purchase the PLUS membership. Since it is absolutely free. 

How to Be Toma in MeepCity

How to be taken in MeepCity Roblox

In the MeepCity game we have multiple customization options, in order to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the players. The vast majority of customizations are completely free and you do not need to be a PLUS player.

This time we are going to show you how to be a taker in the MeepCity game, in a fast and simple way; You just have to follow the steps shown below:

  1. When logging into MeepCity, we must go to the recreation area through teleportation.
  2. Once in the recreation area, we must go to the central area, where we will achieve some unique cylinders.
  3. There are two blue and yellow cylinders in the center of the park, which are identified with a sign.
  4. These cylinders have the ability to transform us into a shot, adolescent or adult.
  5. The yellow cylinder is to transform us into teenagers and the blue cylinder to customize our avatar in small.
  6. The cylinders are identified with a wooden sign so that we do not have any confusion.
  7. We are going to choose the blue cylinder and we are going to transfer it.
  8. Immediately a notification of the size of the computer screen will be displayed.
  9. The notification tells us if we want to change our avatar, we will click on the “accept” button.
  10. Immediately our avatar will become small compared to the rest of the players.
  11. It is an easy and free way to customize our avatar without investing a single currency in the game.

Steps to recover our MeepCity avatar

If we want to return our avatar to the original state, we must repeat exactly the same steps:

  1. We select the blue or yellow cylinder.
  2. The cylinder we choose is independent, since we are like a shot.
  3. Toma's customization automatically becomes adult and then returns to our original state.
  4. When crossing the colored cylinder, a notification will appear, letting us know that we will return to our original state.
  5. Actually our avatar will become an adult.
  6.  We must go back through the color cylinder, and a notification will be displayed that we must admit. In this way we will return to the original state of our avatar.

It is a simple, fast and easy way to customize the avatar, without spending coins or purchasing the PLUS membership. And so we can have an avatar take on the MeepCity game.

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