How to Be Very Tall in MeepCity

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In the game of MeepCity in Roblox There are countless options to customize our avatar. We can change the tone of the skin, be adults, be small and in this new occasion we are going to teach you how to be very tall in MeepCity. You just have to continue each and every one of the prompts shown now.

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How to Get Very Tall in MeepCity

How to be towering in MeepCity Roblox

If we want to customize our avatar so that it is tall and stands out from the rest of the players, carry out the following steps:

  1. When starting a session in the MeepCity game, we must place the party house, this is achieved on the outskirts of the square.
  2. Once located, we are going to enter exactly the same, where a series of options will be displayed immediately.
  3. We only have to choose the type of celebration where we want to participate or instead we can create one (only free for PLUS players).
  4. On this occasion we are going to choose the type of celebration Dance.
  5. A new window will be displayed with each and every one of the parties that are free and we can participate.
  6. We just have to choose a celebration and click on the join button.
  7. Immediately the system redirects us to the celebration (depending on our internet connection, it will load the celebration).
  8. Once in the celebration, we only have to place the different objects that have the ability to alter our attire.
  9. Hovering over these objects will display a notification asking if we are sure to temporarily alter our outfit (Admit or Refuse).
  10. We must click on Admit to perceive the new half-monster outfit. With this outfit we will have the possibility to change our size.
  11. Having the new outfit on, we must take a short break and exit the game, and wait a few minutes to re-enter.
  12. Once we enter again, our character will have an amazing height.

With the steps shown we are now going to alter the size of our avatar and be quite tall. However, If we want to return to our original height, we only have to carry out the steps that we now mention:

  1. We locate the celebration house, if it is in our possibilities we can buy one in the furniture store. And so create our parties.
  2. Once in the party house, we must choose the type of celebration that we want to enter.
  3. The system will teleport us to the celebration immediately, and we only have to place the avatar editor.
  4. Once we get over the avatar editor, we can support changing our avatar's appearance in MeepCity.

In this way we are going to resume the original size of our avatar, this action can be carried out multiple times in the game.

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