How to Burn a House in Brookhaven

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Roblox has become a planet where everything is possible, and if you thought that living the experience of a Sunami was something extreme, wait for us to tell you how to burn a house in Brookhaven? We only affirm that this is an essential resolution due to the fact that you are not alone on the platform of Roblox.

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How to Burn a House in Brookhaven

How to burn a house in Brookhaven?

You can be tempted to see your house on fire for different reasons, but you can't justify yourself to each and every person and the game can take an unexpected turn. Quite a few people have done it and revenge comes into your life, this happens because they take it very seriously and not as a joke. In the same way we will tell you how to do it.

Before you begin, follow these recommendations:

  • Modify the appearance of your avatar.
  • Don't do it immediately you must create an alibi
  • Try not to have enough people around you

With that said, we are going to tell you how to proceed. There are two ways to do it, you can go the fast track learning from home and stand right in front of it to see it all happen. Or you can add a bit of drama and make him look like an accident.

We will give you ideas to build your alibi. Search for avatars you don't know and start an entertaining chat and make a proposal to meet. Group them in a house, not yours, and start making an exquisite barbecue or hamburgers. The idea is that the electric grill becomes your accomplice.

VERY IMPORTANT do not do anything in front of people. You can ask them to do you a favor or to bring you a plate or any other object. Then, you proceed to give power to the grill and activate each and every one of the functions to start the fire.

If you can, move away a bit because in a few seconds everything will explode. Obviously, other people will realize that you are responsible. So use another strategy and run away from the scene, alter your avatar again and continue your life.

Now if you decide to keep the rest it is possible that nothing will happen or maybe it will. You decide what danger to run!

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