How to Catch Frogs and Foxes on Hay Day

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There Day It was brought to the planet for the first time in the year two thousand and twelve by the game developer company for video consoles. Supercell, being the first game of this outstanding company that is positioned as one of the most solid video game production companies on the planet, with titles such as Brawl Stars, Clash Royale o Clash of Clans that accumulate millions of users around the world who play daily games of these games, including There Day.

En There Day we will be able manage our farm and perform tasks like raising our animals, fishing, building and many other activities., since different events are celebrated in the game in which we will be able to participate in order to receive different rewards. In this article you will learn to how to catch frogs and foxes in There Day so that our farm is filled with these animals decorative that will give a better appearance to the farm.

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How to Catch Frogs and Foxes on Hay Day

How to Catch Frogs and Foxes on Hay Day

Frogs are small animals that live on land and in water. To attract frogs on Hay Day we will have to build a lake, since the frogs will be attracted to it and after you have built it you will see how progressively more and more frogs arrive at your farm; Fortunately, the lake is free in the in-game store for coins.

A construction that is key to catch frogs on Hay Day would ponds, which can be small or large and that they will serve so that the frogs get there to rest from time to time. In order for the frogs to come out of the pond, you only have to press multiple times on the pond until each and every one of the frogs comes out, then move the pond to another place so that they do not return to that place and ready, you will be able to visualize multiple frogs in your farm.

The foxes or the vixens on Hay Day They are terrestrial animals that prefer bushes and green areas of your farm to walk or hide, so if you want attract foxes to your farm on Hay Day you must build enough Plots so that progressively more foxes approach. Remember that these animals are ornamental and will not give you any benefit other than making your farm look better.

To catch foxes on Hay Day you need to build enough plots and attract as many foxes as you can, so that you can then build enough fences to enclose a space where all your foxes will settle. Remember that you can have multiple, but we invite you not to exceed one or one fox since so many animals together could make your farm look a bit overwhelmed or overcrowded.

This is all you need to know about how to catch frogs and foxes on hay day easily. If you liked this note, remember that we have many others guides on Hay Day and other games published on our website that you can review at any time.

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