How to Catch Guinea Pigs on Hay Day

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En There Day we will have the opportunity manage our farm carrying out tasks of said activity such as raise animals, fish, build, cultivate, harvest, among many other things. This mobile game developed by Supercell, same developer of great games like Clash Royale or Brawl Stars, Has million users worldwide and it is indeed one of the most popular games of recent times.

In addition to each and every one of the things we can do in this game, we can also adopt animals as pets that will only serve to give our farm more life and make it look much better. Today we are going to teach you how to catch guinea pigs There Day, so do not stop reading this note so that you can incorporate these beautiful rabbits into your farm and thus be one of the most beautiful farms in the entire game.

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How to Catch Guinea Pigs on Hay Day

How to Catch Rabbits on Hay Day

En Hay Day there is something called “the derbies” and it is the place where we are going to be able to get guinea pigs, specifically by completing the bunny derby, which is nothing more than a series of tasks that we will have to start to accumulate rabbits dots until our neighborhood caught the bunny and also to get many other rewards.

in this event there will be a total of three guinea pigs to catch, the first will appear after six hours have passed since the start of the derby, the second will appear after it has been completed 1 day and a half from the beginning of the derby and the third and last rabbit will appear after they have passed 3 and a half days from the beginning of the derby.

What to do with the bunnies

Guinea pigs on Hay Day require special attention, like all other pets, and you are going to have to hold free carrots to nourish them and keep them rested. The guinea pigs are white in color and quite small in size, but they will undoubtedly add a lot of joy to your farm and it will look much better.

The bunnies live in rabbit hutches and will need carrots to feed, since these animals are farm pets and for this reason you will have to do certain tasks daily to be able to support them on your farm. In exchange for food, they will give you experience points and other interchangeable or consumable materials that you will be able to use in the game.

It will also be possible buy the rabbits in the store but these have a somewhat high cost, in addition to this, you will have to have acquired the rabbit hutches before if you want to be able to acquire guinea pigs. Rabbits need to eat before they can sleep, otherwise the rabbits will look exhausted and sad until we feed them and they can sleep.

This is all you need to know about how to catch guinea pigs on Hay Day. If you liked this note remember that you can check all the others hay day guides that we have free for you on our website.

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