How to change my Free Fire Account to another Facebook

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Linking a Fb account in Free Fire is something simple and fast that anyone can do, frankly it is very simple. The real drawback is when you want to change it to another account without losing progress What have you got in the game?

Therefore, in this new guide we will teach you how to change an account Free Fire to another Facebook, whether due to the fact that you were the victim of a hacker, due to the fact that your account was banned or for any other reason.

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How to change my Free Fire Account to another Facebook

How to change my Free Fire Account to another Facebook

Many times we have wondered how to change my free fire account to another facebook sustaining everything we have achieved over so long. Since thousands and thousands of cases of hacked accounts or simply penalized for many reasons are always generated.

If this is your inconvenience, you should not continue worried since we are going to teach you the steps so that you can change your free fire account to another Facebook in a simple and fast way.

Steps to change your Free Fire account to another Facebook

Change a free fire account for another fb It is not something from another planet, you simply have to pay attention and do what we are going to explain to you right away. In order to change your Free Fire account to another Fb you only have to carry out a series of steps, in advance we invite you to log out. Let's start with the steps to follow:

  • In the first place, as we mentioned before, you must log out of free fire. For this, you enter the application at the top and on the right you will find the configuration option, which is shaped like a gear or cogwheel.
  • When pressing the option, another menu will appear, in the lower central part we can see a section that states Sign off, we press it and it will be ready.
  • Then we open the Fb application e we start session with the account currently linked to Free Fire in case you have not lost it.
  • Once logged in we headed towards the 3 vertical lines that are located in the upper right part of our menu.
  • Now, another menu will be displayed and we try the option 篓settings and privacy篓 then when you press it, other alternatives will appear, we chose the one that says 篓setting
  • Then, we enter the next option that states 篓Apps and websites篓in the security section, then we choose where it states 篓logged in with facebook篓, in which you will be able to see the applications that you have linked with Facebook.
  • Next, we choose the Free Fire application and click delete.
  • Having already carried out each and every one of the steps, we only have to log out of this Facebook account and open the account you want to link to Free Fire.
  • Finally, when you enter the Free Fire application, it will ask you for permission to log in with the account that is currently open in Facebook.
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