How to change the Free Fire Access Key

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Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular games today, in which people can link their accounts from different platforms such as Facebook and Gmail. Likewise, to protect our data and avoid the theft of exactly the same, you must enter an access code, which you must update regularly to protect it. That's why we are going to teach you here how to change password Free Fire.

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How to change the Free Fire Access Key

How to change the Free Fire Access Key

In order to keep our account safe and secure Free Fire the access key must be updated from time to time. Since that helps us to continue enjoying our achievements and progress that we already have in the game, it also helps us to protect our information.

So now, we offer you the steps to follow to know How to change the access code of Free Fire depending on your Platform.

How to change the Free Fire access key linked to Fb?

  • We log in to our fb account from our mobile device or PC.
  • We select the 3 vertical lines located on the upper right side.
  • In the menu that appears we choose ¨settings and privacy¨.
  • Then we press the optionsetting¨ the one shaped like a gear wheel.
  • Then we will choose the option ¨security and login¨ or ¨password and security¨ having chosen the next option we will see a new menu.
  • We are going to select where it affirms ¨Login¨, then choosing it will let us change our password.
  • It will ask us for our current password when entering it properly and enter a new password which must be safe in order to protect your data, your information and progress in Garena Free Fire. When you enter the new access code, it will ask you to confirm it by placing it again.
  • We press the optionupdate data¨ or ¨Save¨ and ready, our password was changed successfully.
  • When starting over in Free Fire we must enter the new password, which will be registered on the Garena Free Fire platform automatically.

How to change the Free Fire access key linked to Google?

  • We log in to our Google account from our PC or mobile device.
  • Select the mail icon, the one that can be represented with a letter the one that is located in the upper right side.
  • By pressing them we visualize different options and place the option ¨Manage your Google account¨ 
  • We look for the section that states ¨personal information¨, then we head down and choose the option ¨password¨
  • redirect us to the main page of Google where you will be asked to enter your current password for security measures.
  • Subsequently, It will ask us to put a new password and then we confirm it.
  • We press the button change Password and ready.
  • In order to log in again Free Fire We only enter the new access code and it will be registered in the system automatically. 

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