How to change the Profile Picture in Free Fire

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If you are interested in customizing your Free Fire profile, but you don't have the slightest idea how to do it, don't worry! Since, here we are going to teach you a huge plurality of super simple and practical tricks so that you can get it without the need to complicate yourself. This is how we are going to be giving you the tools so that you know how to change profile picture Free Fire In a simple way.

Possibly many of the Free Fire enthusiasts are looking for good photos to put on the profile or wallpaper of the game characters. It is for this reason that the moment you are in front of your mobile or computer you will be able to motivate yourself to do it. Stay with us! Since we have the answers you were looking for so much. Let's start from this moment!

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How to change the Profile Picture in Free Fire

What are the steps to change the profile picture in Free Fire?

Note that the steps to get cchange free fire profile picture they are extremely simple. For this, we will be explaining step by step quickly and safely. In order that you do not put yourself at risk of suffering any sanction for the part of the game. The steps to continue are the ones that we will briefly present to you below:

  1. First you must go to your profile.
  2. When you are in your profile, enter collection.
  3. When you are there, you will be able to access the drop-down menu that has different options. You will have to press "Avatar".
  4. There, you can see the characters that you have free or a shadow icon.
  5. And finally, it is extremely precise that you do click on the character you want.

And ready! With the help of these steps you will have already managed to change the profile picture of your preference in Free Fire. As you could see, this is not something complicated. So just put our tricks into practice and enjoy the game.

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