How to change your name in dragon city

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We enter "Dragon City禄 to change the name we have, inside we click on the game options button (upper right side), we will see the word change next to our current name, press on it and put the new name that we will use in 芦Dragon City芦, we repeat a couple of times and we admit. There will not be another occasion for a name change so we have to be very sure of the name we choose and if it is not already in use by another player.

For players who have already changed their name there is no way to change it sadly, and that is very bad SocialPoint should integrate at least a function to change our name with gems or some other object that we achieve in the game, because many We have made a mistake when changing our name or we are just bored with having exactly the same name as always and in all circumstances and we want other players to see us differently or call us differently.

How to change your name in dragon city

How to change your name in dragon city

In the case of dragons, if we want to change their names it is very simple, free of charge and we can do it as many times as we want, we touch the habitat where the dragon that is going to have a new name is found and we choose it, we click on the name of the dragon and we write the new one that it will carry.

Currently the community and fandom of 芦Dragon City禄 we have had very good ideas in this regard of the implementation of new functions in the game such as the case of sending dragons from account to account to our friends, also the integrity of the minimum points for coalition chests since many only do what minimum one-two and they get the reward, while all the others strive to come to the last level and it is not fair that some do nothing and take those rewards in theory at no cost. 

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