How to change your Name on Hay Day

There Day is a multiplayer platform created in the year two thousand and twelve for mobile devices and that was released by the well-known video game industry Supercell, very famous for creating the games Clash Royale y Clash of Clans. In our days There Day it is one of the mobile games best known in the Play Storeas it has over a hundred million downloads and a rating of four.3 on the platform.

In this game you will have the chance to cBuild a farm from scratch to do chores, raise animals, grow plants, and feed a town. For this reason, it is essential to be recognized by your farm, for this, you need have a name by which you are known as a player (user) and also by the name of your farm. So, if you don't feel comfortable with your name, here we are going to teach you how to change your name in There Day.

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How to change your Name in Hay Day

How to change your Name in Hay Day

Fortunately it is possible change your username on any platform that can be linked with There Day, be Facebook, SuperCell ID or Google Play, but if you have no idea how to do it, here we will share step by step how to change your name in Hay Day:

  1. Facebook: Unfortunately it is not possible to change your name if you have your account linked to Facebook, since your username on that platform does not change, unless you change it manually, so you will be able to change your name on Hay Day if you linked with Facebook. You must be careful, because if you change your name on Facebook they will not simply recognize you on the platform.
  2. Super Cell ID: Everything is simpler here, because if your account is connected with SuperCell ID, everything will be saved in the cloud and the process to change the name is not complicated at all. To do so, you will have to go to the settings section and see the configuration of your link with SuperCell ID, there you will be able to change your username at no cost of coins or diamonds to Hay day, contrary to what happens in other games, where doing this could have an auxiliary cost.
  3. Google Play: In this case, it is also easy to change your name, just you must go to the profile or account settings in Google or Google Play and there you simply must modify your default name for the account and you're done. This will only work if you are connected with Google Play to your account. Hay Day

After having known certain forms of how to change your name on hay day We recommend you visit our website so that you can read all our content and guides of Hay Day we have published so you can master this game perfectly.

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