How to Chat on Hay Day

There Day is a very popular mobile game in the whole world and it was made by the game development company super cell, also responsible for creating great games like Brawl Stars. In this kind of multiplayer game you will be able to have fun managing a farm doing tasks such as: Take care of animals, feed fish, complete quests, build buildings, participate in events and many other tasks that will be developed in There Day.

En There Day you will have the opportunity to connect with many other players who are in your same area, neighborhood, level or with similar achievements; thanks to the neighborhood, we are going to connect with more players than we are going to be able to get and give lots of help. To facilitate help, there is a chat so that players can communicate with friends and neighbors, this will serve as a means of help between each and every one of the players of There Day.

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How to Chat on Hay Day

How to Chat on Hay Day

As we know, to complete missions we need a medium that allows us to chat with other neighbors or players and have a better neighborhood to participate in any event, so we bring you different ways to chat in There's Day:

  1. Neighborhood Chat: In such a case, you will be able to see that you can join any neighborhood from level nine where you will be able to interact with your neighbors by chat, this can be found at the beginning of There Day, in a part below you will be able to expand the chat without inconvenience and you will be able to chat with your neighbors to request help, compete in the Derby and participate as many times as you want together with your neighbors to prosper in the game.
  2. Other chats: If you haven't joined a neighborhood or just want to share with other players from There Day, it is not necessary to choose the first option, you have another non-common alternative more recommended in which you can chat and chat with others on social networks or groups such as: Discord, WhatsApp, and Facebook; This way you will be able to chat about common topics, in a more extensive way, without limitations and with considerably more players.

You already know that it is really simple to enter the chat of There Day Whenever you have the chance to actively participate in a neighborhood, remember to play continually so you don't lose your neighborhood and get rejected or kicked out of the neighborhood for not participating. events or in the derby; We also invite you to join the different Hay Day groups where they will share tips and advice to progress.

Finally, we hope that our guide on how to chat on There Day and remember that you can review each and every one of our Hay Day guides and about many other games that we have published on our website just for you.

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