How to Connect Hay Day with Facebook

How to Connect Hay Day with Facebook

Hay Day is a mobile game in which you will have the opportunity to create and manage your farm from the start while having fun creating buildings, raising and caring for animals, growing and harvesting plants, among many other very interesting activities that will let you know a little better how a real farm works. It is a game in which you will be able to interact with many other players, apart from sharing with your friends who also play Hay Day.

To make it easier to save your progress, you must have a Facebook, Google Play or SuperCell ID account, any of these will help you to save everything you have done as a player of There Day up to now. Today we are going to teach you how to connect different accounts on your device to play without worrying about losing all your progress and restarting, so we brought you a guide on how to connect Hay Day with Facebook.

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How to Connect Hay Day with Facebook

Connect Hay Day with Facebook

As we have mentioned, there are 3 ways to enter There Day and it is through Facebook, Google Play or Supercell ID, However, Login with Fb or Supercell ID They are always and in all circumstances the most recommended alternative options by most users. Today we are going to explain how to connect Hay Day with Facebook:

  1. First of all, you will have to go to the "settings" section and then click on the button that says “connect with facebook”, then you will only have to enter your data or if you already have Facebook installed on your mobile, it will connect automatically, so you will be able to see your Facebook friends as neighbors who have also connected their account with this social network in the same way as .
  2. Connect with others: In case you don't have Fb stop worrying, there are other simpler alternative options that do not require a Fb account, you also have free options to connect your device to accounts with super cell ID and GooglePlay, and in case you do not have any of these options, you will be able to create one to connect it to your Hay Day account and thus keep your account secure.

Now what do you know how connect Hay Day with Facebook it will be considerably simpler for you to safeguard your progress in this great game, but in addition to this, you will surely be able to get certain rewards, benefits and news not only for the app but rather for Facebook in general, and this is a huge advantage that gives us There Day to be informed through notifications of everything that happens while we do not play.

We hope this guide has worked for you. how to connect on hay day with fb. We remind you that you can visit our page to see the rest Hay Day guides and other games we have published.

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