How to Connect your Farm on Hay Day

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There Day is a mobile game created by the company super cell in the year two thousand and twelve, also recognized for having created very successful games such as Brawl Stars and many other games that are postulated as certain most popular games of the moment. Today There Day is one of the most played games in the world, because it was one of the first games to recall the experience of manage a farm from scratch.

In this game, you may have to connect your account to some other account that is related to a more famous social network, for example Facebook, this so that you can log in on another device more easily. For this reason, in this guide we have brought you tips and tricks so that you learn to how to connect your farm in There Day.

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How to Hook Up Your Farm on Hay Day

How to Hook Up Your Farm on Hay Day

We can connect our farm in 3 ways: by Facebook, Google Play or Supercell ID at the beginning of the game or at another moment that we want by accessing the adjustments and clicking on connect with Fb, connect with Google Play Store or Google Play and connect with Supercell ID, and this is very simple, since if we already have our Google account open on our device or our Facebook account, we will automatically enter the game.

create farm on hay day

The first step to be able to connect our farm is to fill out the tutorial that they will offer at the beginning of the game, at that moment we will not be able to create our account, since it is mandatory to finish the tutorial and it is not possible to delete this part to enter . After that, we will be able to create our account and connect it with certain social networks or platforms that we have mentioned.

Connect as a new player

After the initial tutorial on the game, you will be given the option to connect to a social network or game company or you can create your account and then go to the settings section to connect the new account with the option that you prefer.

A great advantage offered There Day is that you can connect your account in different ways that really make the process easier, since it will be considerably easier to enjoy your progress on other devices without needing to make links or something similar, simply logging in with the account data you provided or, if you have already opened Facebook or Google on the other device, simply by choosing that alternative you will be able to enter your account.

We hope this guide has worked for you. how to connect your farm on Hay Day. If you liked it, remember that you can review all the other hay day guides and about other games that we have published for you on our website.

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