How to Create a New Game in Hay Day

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There Day is a very popular game of the last decade that today has millions of users around the world, being one of the most downloaded games on the Internet. Play Store with more than one hundred million downloads since its launch in the year two thousand and twelve by the game company Supercell.

There Day It will let us create a farm from the beginning, in which we will have to make constructions, nurture and care for animals or pets, cultivate and harvest, complete missions, assist neighbors and join different neighborhoods as we level up. If you have already managed to advance in the game and you feel stuck or want to start from scratch, stop worrying, because today we will explain step by step How to create a new game in Hay Day.

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How to Create a New Game in Hay Day

How to Create a New Game in Hay Day

In case you did not know, we tell you that it is possible to create different accounts or games on the same device in Hay Day, so it is possible to enjoy different adventures on different accounts and not have a single account to play on. This is all you have to do to create a new game in Hay Day:

  1. Enter the settings: In the first place, we must attend the section of adjustments of the game located in a corner of the screen, there we will see the option of change account, then we disconnect that account and enter the data to create another new account.
  2. Create an account with Facebook, Google or Supercell ID: You have to know that we can have up to three accounts only if we have Fb, SuperCell ID and Google Play separately, that means that the progress of each farm will be different.
  3. Verify from each account: It is essential that every time we change accounts we do not forget to check the data of each linked account we have, since we could lose all the progress we had in the event that it fails to connect automatically with the data we had saved.

Doing this is absolutely free and legal, apart from being very simple to do, since we will only need to have a Google, Fb y Supercell ID. Once you have your 3 Hay Day accounts, you will have the opportunity to assist one of your accounts to improve, since you would have 3 farms and multiple resources in each and every account that you could take advantage of really well.

Without further ado, we hope you have enjoyed this guide on how to create a new game in Hay Day what we have done for you If you liked this entry, we recommend you check all the others hay day guides that we have published for you.

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