How to Delete a Fruit in Blox Fruits

Learn how to remove a fruit in Blox Fruits. If you want to remove a demon fruit, you need to interact with the Blox Fruits character called Remove Blos Fruits. This character is an NPC that is in jail and in the Castle on the Sea area. In order to remove the fruit through this NPC, you must pay an amount of fifty thousand Beli in Blox Fruits from Roblox.

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How to Delete a Fruit in Blox Fruits

How to Delete a Fruit in Blox Fruits

All players who wish to remove a Blox Fruit must follow the instructions below:

  • Locate the NPC Remove Blox Fruits. He has the ability to remove fruits from your inventory. This NPC can be found in the jail or in the Castle on the Sea area
  • When you have already located Remove Blox Fruits, you must cancel the amount of fifty thousand Beli so that you can remove the Blox fruit you want
  • Players interacting with Remove Blox Fruits will have two options, Clear and Shut up.
  • If you choose the Clear option, the selected fruit will be deleted
  • If you choose the Shut up option, the dialogue that puts your existence at risk will be activated

NPC Remove Blox Fruits

This NPC is of paramount importance in the game in the early versions. However, with the passing of time, he was removed from the action of Blox Fruits. Since with the updates, you are in the ability to substitute a fruit when consuming it or when you acquire a Blox fruit from the Dealer. With Blox Fruits update number two, the entire mechanics of Blox Fruits were altered. Therefore in NPC Remove Blox Fruits it was set aside in the background.

You can find the NPC Remove Blox Fruits in the jail that is located in the Impel Down Zone, just behind the jail. When removing the Blox fruit from the inventory you will no longer be able to recover it, unless you reacquire it. The fruits with the highest value are those that when consumed give you enormous power to defeat your opponents. It all depends on your skills and the fruits you choose to use.

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