How to Dismiss Labors on Hay Day

A very recognized game at the world level is undoubtedly There Day, since it has caused quite a stir in the previous decade by introducing an alternative option to games for strategy or simulation video consoles, especially for gamers who are enthusiasts of farm and/or city simulations. All this is possible thanks to the company of super cell who was responsible for developing and creating this incredible game in the year two thousand and twelve.

For this reason, Hay Day is one of the best-known farm simulation games on the planet, so it is essential to know its peculiarities and what it consists of in order to advance faster. In order to do that, it is necessary to understand that there are activities, actions, missions and many other things that we must fill in the game, because of this we have decided to bring you a guide to how to discard tasks in There Day.

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How to Discard Hay Day Jobs

How to Discard Hay Day Jobs

As we mentioned previously, to advance in this game we must complete activities such as raise animals, cultivate, harvest, complete missions and tasks, among many other things. Tasks They are actions that we must complete to receive EXP points, so the more tasks we complete, the more levels or EXP points we will get, which can be a benefit for any player at the moment, if you want to know how to do it, this is what you should do:

Discarding a job is really easy, since, we simply have to go to the one part of under the work, and press where a trash can appears and you will be able to disappear the task that you do not want to complete or approve for any reason, but if this alternative does not appear then it means that you cannot discard it and you must fill it out or let it pass so as not to remove points.

Importance of derbies on hay day

in derbies we can see each and every one of the tasks that have been assigned to us, it is essential to try to complete tasks whenever you can, since they will give you good benefits for you and your farm that you will undoubtedly be able to take advantage of really well. We must not forget that if we do not complete a task just so that another better one appears for us and we discard it immediately, we will take points from the derby that we could then need.

With this we have finished our guide on how to discard tasks in Hay Day With which you will be able to pass on the tasks that you do not want to complete, either because they do not interest you or because you prefer to do another type of work. If you liked this article, remember that you can see at any time all the other hay day guides and other games that we have published in this website for you and are probably going to be really useful in helping you progress through the games.

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