How to Dress Well in MeepCity: Men

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Do you want to change the appearance of your avatar in MeepCity, putting on trendy and convenient clothes? In the game there is a great plurality of options, we only have to go to the store of MeepCity and choose the outfit to our liking. Keep reading and we will show you how to dress well in MeepCity Roblox.

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How to Dress Well in MeepCity: Men

How to dress well in MeepCity male Roblox

To customize our avatar with very elegant clothes, we just have to follow the steps shown below:

  1. When starting a session in MeepCity, we must select the Avatar icon that is located in the menu at the top of the screen.
  2. A new menu will be displayed with 3 options (Games, My Toys, Avatar Editor).
  3. We select the Avatar Editor option, a new window will open with 4 editing options.
  4. We select the accessories section.
  5. A menu will be displayed with countless options to customize our avatar.
  6. We start with the shirt option, by clicking on the top menu of the screen. Countless shirt models will be displayed; We just have to navigate through the different options to select the very elegant shirt for our avatar.
  7. Then we go to the hair section. This is found first, from left to right in the top menu. We are going to choose a very elegant type of hair that goes according to the shirt we choose.
  8. Then we go to the hat menu, it is the second from left to right. In this menu we are going to achieve a huge variety of items for our head, such as headphones, hats, crowns, ears and hats of many kinds.
  9. In this accessories menu we are going to achieve the menu to customize our countenance. It is the one located second from right to left. In this section we are going to locate an enormous plurality of semblances for the avatar.
  10. Clicking on the menu arrow will display multiple editing options. In the first section we can select from countless lenses, face masks and bandanas.
  11. We select the pants menu, there is a large plurality to select from. We just have to navigate through the menu and click on the one we like.
  12. In the tie menu we can select a bow tie for the suit we choose.
  13. When choosing any item of clothing, we can see how it fits us before choosing it, in the avatar on the left of the screen.

As we can see, there are a wide variety of options to dress our avatar in a very elegant way, without needing to use coins or be a PLUS member. We can change our appearance any number of times.

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