How to Drop a Fruit in Blox Fruits

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Do you want to know how to drop a fruit in Blox Fruits? In this article you will learn how to do it.

To drop a fruit in Blox Fruits from Roblox, go to the jail or Castle on the Sea area. There you must interact with Remove Blox Fruits. This NPC has the ability to remove or drop a fruit from your inventory for a sum of fifty thousand Beli.

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How to Drop a Fruit in Blox Fruits

How to drop a fruit in Blox Fruits

You can find the NPC Remove Fruits in the jail, the one in the Impel Down area. Right after the prison you will find a high wall, there is located the NPC. You can also find it at Castle on the Sea.

To withdraw a fruit you must cancel the sum of fifty thousand Beli. But you have to know that once you have dropped the fruit, there is no way to recover it, only by buying it from the Blox fruit dealer.

When you have located the NPC Remove Blox Fruits and interacted with him, he will present you with two options: Clear and Shut up. If you choose the Clear option, you will drop a Blox Fruit from your inventory. If you choose the Shut up option, a dialogue with the NPC will be activated, and you will have to take care of the fact that at any moment you can be attacked.

The Remove Blox Fruits NPC in the early updates was an essential and extremely useful boss in Blox Fruits. With update number two, this game changed its structure and the NPC was relegated to the background.

Dropping a Blox fruit will remove any and all abilities you have received from that fruit. Now, if you drop the fruit via Robux, it will not be suppressed from the stats, keeping them capped. But if you drop it through Beli, you will remove it from the stats.

Blox fruits can be stored in your inventory, only one for each type. If you want to store more fruits, you must purchase a game pass, which will give you more free space in your inventory. So you will have the option to awaken nine fruits that you will be able to upgrade to V2 through the use of fragments. These fragments, you can get them in the second sea, when you are at level seven hundred of Blox Fruits.

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