How to Earn a Lot of Money in Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, there are many ways to get money fast. For this, it is necessary to kill each and every one of the NPCs that you get on your way, or fulfill different assigned missions and collect chests. How to earn a lot of money in Blox Fruits from Roblox? Complying with each of these actions.

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How to Earn Lots of Money in Blox Fruits

How to Earn Lots of Money in Blox Fruits

As you already know, the official currency of Blox Fruits is the Beli. With it you will be able to get different weapons, fruits and even achieve skills in the game. There are different actions that let you get Beli completely free of charge, among those that stand out:

  • Eliminating each and every one of the NPCs that you find in the way
  • Performing different missions in Blox Fruits
  • Obtaining chests in the field of the game
  • Doing Factory Raids in Blox Fruits
  • Fighting Raid Bosses
  • Killing the YouTubers they offer bounties for
  • Through GamePass dos Beli, this way you will get Beli easily, quickly and safely
  • Using Robux (this is the least recommended)

Blox Fruits Game Passes

In Blox Fruits there are six game passes, which you can get through Robux.

The two Money Game Pass, you can purchase it for a sum of four hundred and fifty Robux. This pass will give you the ability to double the amount of Beli you get in Blox Fruits for each action or mission completed.

By killing the NPCs you will get double the assigned Beli, and by doing different missions, you will be rewarded with double the Beli.

Grind Beli into Blox Fruits

Every Blox Fruits player is able to farm Beli through raid bosses. If you have a private server, they have two ways to grind Beli quickly:

  • On the old planet, where players must set the spawn in the upper courtyard of the second area. In turn, it is necessary to collect each and every one of the chests. This action can be carried out on different occasions, you just have to leave the server and re-enter.
  • On the new planet, where you need to head to the forgotten island to set the spawn and immediately collect each and every chest. For this reason you will be assigned an approximate amount of 20k Beli.

Another way to collect Beli is by setting the spawn on the cursed ship and collecting each and every chest. You can perform this action multiple times. You just have to disconnect from the server and when you return to join, the chests will appear on the cursed ship again. Thus, you will be able to collect large amounts of money in a simple, fast and safe way.

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