How to Earn Gems in Dragon City

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Gems are an invaluable resource in Dragon City. These should be used really well, we never use them to rush jobs, and above all patience and wait for the time required by the work to be done, so we will save gems and use them intelligently.

Usually, people don't want to wait in the game, but spend their gems to skip the waiting time. If it takes a long time to fill it, then it is noticeable. But if you're spending gems to skip a minute or two, that's a total waste of this precious resource. Remember that these are not won so easily. Many sacrifices are required to achieve them. Saving them is just another way to earn them.

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How to Earn Gems in Dragon City

How to Earn Gems in Dragon City

We must always be ready to fight with your dragons. Never miss the opportunity to put them in the game. Since battle events are triggered over a very short period of time, you must battle them to earn the best possible rewards, including free gems by winning those battles.

There are multiple live events that occur continuously in the game. These events are just an ancillary occasion so that you can amass more gems and gold by participating and winning in them. Never miss these events in order to get more free resources. In the same way as in each and every one of the online games, here also in “Dragon City” you can earn rewards on the day you log in in the form of not only gems and gold, but also rare dragons and other valuable things.

Since the beginning of the game there have been many ways to collect and obtain gems in a free and easy way, players have taken advantage of these methods and have even overexploited them in order to advance quickly in the game, leading to this to suppress or reduce the way to achieve these rewards.

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