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My Café Recipes and Stories is an incredible game developed by Melsoft Games, which consists of a simulator where you can have your business, in the form of a restaurant and cafeteria. We all want our business to have positive changes in order to produce more profits. For this reason, in this article we are going to explain how you can expand your restaurant in My Café.

This incredible game gives you the opportunity to be able to work daily in a false way, so that you can dedicate a good time to your business. The longer you work and play actively, the greater your chances of being able to expand your business, since production will increase and there will be more customers for the service. The most essential strategy that any user can use to expand their business is perseverance, with this you will have enough money to be able to progress your plots, expand your business, and be able to have more allies in the game. 

How to Expand My Café

How to Expand My Café

Completing the missions of the story mode by completing each of the actions with the familiar people that appear with your employees is essential to be able to acquire rewards, between gold coins and diamonds, which will allow us to advance faster.

Also, you can use the appcalculator de My Cafe” to be able to manage each and every one of the resources that you have in the game so that you can have your accounts stable and all the administrative part well managed, essentially running as an administrative assistant that will be very close to you in the game . 

Investments when increasing the level are extremely essential to expand the cafeteria and increase your experience, remember to keep your savings intact so that you can update everything in your business, and you can acquire more land, while the more space you have, the greater it will be. be the number of clients of the service. 

Manage your accounts really well so that you can significantly expand your business in My Cafe.

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