How to Expand your Farm on Hay Day

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There Day It is one of the most popular mobile games of recent times and has the largest number of users in the world. Created in two thousand and twelve, Hay Day is postulated as one of the most played games in the world, and it is that this title, brought by Supercell, same developer of Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans, is undoubtedly a very entertaining and interesting game that we cannot stop trying.

expand the farm it is a fundamental process that we must do with perseverance since this will allow us to build more buildings, as well as other ancillary benefits, however, many people have the doubt of how to expand your farm in Hay Day, but that should not worry you since you came to the right place, since here we are going to explain it step by step how to expand your farm There Day in just a few steps.

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How to Expand your Farm on Hay Day

How to Expand your Farm on Hay Day

Most of the actions that take place in There Day cost a certain quantity and types of materials, and such is the case of Farm extensions at Hay Day, since for that we will need land deeds, map pieces, stakes, and other things related to construction. New territories bring with them new jobs and quests that will let you produce even more resources and thereby progress your farm.

  1. Deeds: Deeds can be obtained from the shop in exchange for diamonds. and they are used to expand the land areas of your farm, allowing you to cultivate or build on your farm in places where you would not previously tolerate. They can also be earned at lucky roulette, the enigmatic boxes and in the mysterious nets.
  2. Clubs for expansion: Sometimes we will also need to achieve mallets to enlarge certain areas, and exactly the same will also be able to be achieved in the store in exchange for a certain amount of diamonds.
  3.  Stakes: These articles are used so that we can mark the areas of the land of our farm in which we want to expand, creating for example, areas for fishing. To use them you will need map pieces and other materials such as deeds and mace.
  4. Axes: The axes will serve to remove certain small trees or shrubs that will take up space on the land and that will not let you build until the moment you have eliminated them. the axes can be achieved in the shop for the cost of one coins and four diamonds, so we invite you to use them wisely.

We hope this note on how to expand your farm in Hay Day that we have prepared for you. Remember that at any moment you can check on our website all the other guides on games and guides on Hay Day that we have published.

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