How to Farm Blox Fruits Shards

Do you know how to farm Blox Fruits shards? Since now, we are going to show you how to do it.

The first thing you need to know is what are fragments? They are nothing more than a currency of the game of Roblox, introduced in exactly the same with update number one. To get shards, players must participate in the Blox Fruits raid mode, or complete multiple quests.

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How to Farm Blox Fruits Shards

How to Farm Blox Fruits Fragments

Any player who wishes to get shards, which are ideal for awakening the fruits of Blox Fruits, must follow the following instructions:

  • The fragments can be obtained in the Blox Fruits store, through Robux, which is the official currency of Roblox
  • Players must defeat Blackbeard or the virtual player rip_indra, and for this reason they will be assigned fifteen hundred shards. To carry out this action and get the fragments, it is necessary that they generate a sufficiently high damage to Blackbeard and rio_indra
  • If you achieve and defeat a Sea Beast, the game will give you two hundred and fifty shards
  • To get a good amount of fragments, you can face players called YouTubers. By defeating them you will be able to get good rewards such as two hundred and fifty,000 Beli and two,500 fragments
  • Killing the elite pirates in the missions assigned to you, you will get shards as rewards
  • You can make a pirate-style raid in the famous area such as Castillo del Mar
  • By completing the assigned quest called Horned Man, you will get shards as a reward. You can do this mission multiple times in succession, since you can exit the server and re-enter

What is the fastest way to get fragments in Blox Fruits

The fastest and most efficient way to get fragments in Blox Fruits is by raiding. For this you must:

  • Be at level eleven hundred or higher in the game
  • If you are in New Planet, you will be able to participate in the raid regardless of the level of the game you are in
  • The player who leads or participates in a raid must invest one hundred Beli within two hours to get the raid chip. This chip is necessary to participate in the same
  • The player has the possibility to exchange fruits with the well-known mysterious scientist
  • You must collect the most fragments in the stipulated time for each raid
  • When you participate in a raid, you will be assigned between two hundred and fifty and one thousand shards. Being a thousand the maximum amount of fragments that you can get for each raid
  • You can use the fragments immediately at the end of each raid, so you will wake up the fruit of your choice
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