How to Fill Collective Orders on Hay Day

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There Day is a mobile game in which you will be able to manage a farm to carry out activities such as raise animals, grow plants, create buildings from scratch, fish and many other interesting activities. This game was created in XNUMX and was the company's first game supercell, the one that also owns the triumphant games Brawl Stars, Clash Royale y Clash of Clans

En There Day it is possible to carry out certain activities such as orders of any kind. Orders are types of activities with our products that we must give to other players or pre-established game characters; However, we must not only give requests individually, but rather collectively with other players at random or in the neighborhood and it is precisely for this reason that we are going to give you certain instructions to complete collective orders in There Day.

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How to Fill Group Orders on Hay Day

How to Fill Group Orders on Hay Day

Orders are a fundamental part of the game since it is the way in which other players assist each other in order to achieve benefits faster. Orders are usually completed individually, but we are also going to see how we can help other players to give your orders There Day considerably simpler with quite a few people at a time:

The Vale on Hay Day

The Val is free from advanced levels and for this reason, it is not something very popular among the players, since You will only be able to enter it from level 25. Because of that, already before level two you can only compete for seasons to earn different rewards like tokens to then be exchanged for any singular benefits in the game. Valley Store such as decorations, tools and power-ups, among many others.

Valley Store

It is quite difficult to see collective orders in the Valley Store; However, the only thing we can do to progress in our search for collective order missions is essentially going to be to be attentive to their appearance, in truth, it is very unlikely to find any unless a player requires it in a special way.

The Val is essential to carry out different tasks with other players, friends or neighbors competing and earning tokens to get different redeemable rewards. For this reason, it is positive to place orders in order to get more rewards, make new friends and above all improve with different products that we can have to assist the rest of the players without limitations, as long as you have a minimum level of two or higher in your Hay Day account.

After reading this guide on how to fill collective orders on Hay Day, we invite a read all the content about games for video consoles that we have free on our website, where we also have other really useful guides and tricks to learn a little better about this great game There Day.

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