How to Fish in MeepCity

to the official currency of MeepCity en Roblox it is known as Meep, with it you can buy the different items from the furniture store to remodel your house, create a pool, order pizza, etc. In the game there are multiple ways to make money, and one of them is by fishing and selling the fish at the pet store.

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How to Fish in MeepCity

How to fish in MeepCity Roblox

At the beginning of the game you will be assigned a small amount of money, which is the ideal one to invest in a fishing rod. The cane is sold at the pet store, which is located on the outskirts of the square.

Once you are in the store you will get multiple models of fishing rod; choose the cane of your choice. Now that you have the rod, follow the steps that we show you now to carry out the fishing.

  1. Once we have acquired the fishing rod, we are going to go to the lagoon in the square, since it is the ideal place to fish in MeepCity. In the game there are other lagoons, but the favorite one and where the fish abound is in the lagoon of the square.
  2. When we arrive at the lagoon we will locate ourselves on a dock that is unoccupied. If everyone is busy, we must wait for a player to vacate one of the docks.
  3. We have to pay close attention to the dark areas of the lagoon, since it is the indication of where the fish are.
  4. We just have to throw the line to the dark areas and we will do the fishing. We must repeat this action until the bucket is complete.
  5. We can only transport ten fish in the bucket (this is the maximum capacity of the bucket).
  6. Now we have to go straight to the pet store to sell the fish we have in our bucket. As we previously mentioned, the store is close to the square.
  7. The fish have a value depending on their type, the cost fluctuates between ten and thirty coins per fish.
  8. Once the sale has been made and the money obtained, we can return to the lagoon to go back to fishing. It is a great idea to iterate this process many times, to get enough coins.
  9. With the money you get, you can customize your avatar, remodel your house with items that are sold in the in-game stores, create a swimming pool, order pizza, etc.

Fishing is easy to do and a fun way to earn coins in the MeepCity game. There are other ways to earn coins such as playing car racing mini games, ball races, preparing pizzas, spending a certain time in the game or planting flowers in the pots in your house.

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