How to Get a Crew in Blox Fruits

How to Get a Crew in Blox Fruits

If you have already started the game Blox Fruits in pirate mode and want to form your crew, you must meet certain requirements. If you want to know how to get a Crew in Blox Fruits, stay with us and read until the end.

To get a Crew in Blox Fruits you have to be at level three hundred of the game Roblox.

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How to Get a Crew in Blox Fruits

How to get a Crew in Blox Fruits

All players who started the game as a pirate and are level three hundred or higher can create their crew. If you want to form your crew in Blox Fruits, for this you must meet the following requirements:

  • The crew must have a maximum of one member and no update is necessary
  • To increase the crew, you need to purchase slots, which cost two thousand shards each. These slots can be purchased from the crew captain, and you will only have the ability to purchase one slot. This increases your crew to two members
  • Any player below level three hundred can be part of a crew, but not create their own crew

Crew Perks in Blox Fruits

  • Each member of a crew gets a reward called a Crew Reward.
  • All crew members automatically become allies in Blox Fruits.
  • Those who are part of a crew will be displayed above each player. In addition to this, each of them will be able to view the following data: Name, level and the remuneration that each member of the crew has achieved. Similarly, they can display the name of the crew captain at the top of the screen. In the same way as the name of the crew, in a lower part, you will be able to visualize the name of the captain
  • The Blox Fruits crews will be in the top one hundred to see how each and every one of them is the best in the game
  • The rewards achieved are stacked, and exactly the same are distributed among each and every one of the crew members
  • If a player wants to withdraw from the crew, he can do so by pressing the withdraw button
  • The captain of the crew has the power to expel any member and invite other players to be part of it
  • Crew are ranked in ascending order, according to the number of rewards earned
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