How to Get Axes in Hay Day

There Day is one of the most popular mobile games of recent times and was released in the year two thousand twelve for iOS and then in the year two thousand thirteen for Android, quickly becoming one of the best games of the previous decade thanks to the experience it offers and the peculiarities of the game that make it very entertaining and interesting, since you are going to learn a lot about farms in exactly the same game.

In this game, always and in all circumstances we are going to have to acquire or try to achieve certain tools to be able to expand or prosper our farm, making more buildings, places where our animals can live, crops and other precise constructions for the development of our farm. So that you have a better idea today we have brought you this guide on how to get axes in Hay Day.

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How to Get Axes in Hay Day

How to Get Axes in Hay Day

An object that can make it easier for us to expand our entire farm is the ax, since this can be related to other materials that we have seen such as the saw, but this will serve us to carry out somewhat different activities. This is what you can do to get axes on Hay Day:

  1. Buy the axes: Perhaps the simplest way of each and every one, since we simply have to go to the stalls and if they are, buy them. A more difficult way to acquire it would be to request it from other players for a very low cost from level five, which is the level from which we can locate axes on Hay Day.
  2. Random: This form requires considerably more time due to the fact that it is random and will depend on fortune, it is not certain that it will appear immediately for each and every one of the players, this implies that we have to be patient so that in some time completing an action in which we also achieve certain coins or EXP points, we also receive one or multiple axes.
  3. Tom: This way is usually effective and free for the most part since we only have to wait for Tom so that we can request an ax or any other object that is not really difficult to obtain, so we can ensure that at certain times he can return with an ax to enlarge any side of our farm.

Axes tend to be equally useful as saws because they have the same objective, so we can take both tools into consideration to complete any task related to the expansion of any part of the farm or outside.

We hope this guide has worked for you. how to get axes in Hay Day so you can expand your farm and save a lot of time achieving these materials. If you liked this article, remember that you can see all the other hay day guides that we have published on our website for you.

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